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Turism&Travel : Lightning strikes American Airlines plane

Friday 03 September 2010

An American Airlines flight from O'Hare International Airport to Reno was struck by lightning Thursday morning while in the air, an airline spokeswoman said.

After getting hit in the windshield, the 737 jet turned around and went back to O'Hare, American spokeswoman Mary Frances Fagan said.

“It was done from a precautionary perspective,” said Fagan.

No one was injured aboard Flight 1487, and the 160 passengers were put on a mid-day flight to Reno.

Fagan didn't know if the plane was damaged, but she said American has mechanics in Chicago that could repair the 737 jet if necessary, but does not employ any in Reno.

“I'm sure the captain followed whatever the protocol is based on the circumstances he or she faced,” Fagan said.

She did not know exactly when the plane was hit, but she believed it was shortly after take-off.

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