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Turism&Travel : American Airlines asks managers to volunteer to train as cabin crew in case of strike

Wednesday 26 May 2010

American Airlines is looking for 4,000 managers willing to undergo training as flight attendants.

The carrier sent out a message to Dallas-Fort Worth area managers on Monday asking them to volunteer to train in case there's a flight attendant strike.

Now, this is a touchy deal.

If an airline admits there's a chance there will be a strike, then the traveling public will worry.

If an airline trains replacements, the union will call the action provocative.

But the union since March has been calling for the National Mediation Board to declare an impasse and start the strike clock ticking. It asked members to authorize a strike, which members overwhelmingly did. So there's all the provocation you need on both sides.

American CFO Tom Horton said Monday that the airline has seen no evidence of travelers booking away because they fear a strike.

In any case, this is all part of the negotiations waltz as the two sides move closer to a job action or an agreement.

American back in 1993 also trained thousands of replacements prior to the Nov. 18 walkout. But the union largely shut down the airline, despite the replacements.

Here's the official American statement, from spokeswoman Missy Latham:

"The company continues to believe a negotiated agreement is the best solution for everyone. We're continuing to work hard in negotiations with the APFA and are steadfastly committed to reaching an agreement that recognizes our flight attendants while positioning the company for long-term success. "We also have a commitment to our customers and those who depend on us every day to keep the airline flying. For that reason, the company has created a contingency plan for staffing flights should APFA decide to take a lawful job action. It is important to remember this can only happen if the parties are released from mediation by the NMB and after the 30-day cooling-off period ends - neither of which have occurred. Contingency planning to help ensure continuity of an operation is standard in the airline industry during contract negotiations.

"To assist with necessary flying, we are seeking volunteer American Airlines management in the DFW area who are willing to complete flight attendant training to temporarily staff flight operations. This effort is in response to APFA's announcement of the results of their strike authorization ballot, their desire to be released from mediation, and takes into account the lead time necessary for development and completion of the company's training program."

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