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Turism&Travel : Is Mexico way better than Hawaii?

Tuesday 13 December 2011

HONOLULU, Hawaii (eTN) - ETN reader, Chris Whitesides, a resident of Hawaii for 30 years, was watching a program on the History Channel last night and was so offended by an ad he saw endorsing Mexico as a vacation destination, that he had to write to us and share his thoughts.

In the ad, a couple is being secretly taped in a cab after returning from their Mexican vacation. One of the first things they said when asked how they enjoyed their vacation was, "Way better than Hawaii."

I have so many issues with that statement that they are too long to list. But I at least want to point out that an American company was, in fact, endorsing an advertisement promoting another country over the USA as a vacation destination. I would hate to think that the ad would convince someone that going to Mexico would somehow be "better" than Hawaii. That is absolutely ludicrous and false advertising.

First of all, Mexico is a country that costs the US billions of dollars every year in numerous categories. Secondly, you don't see people from Hawaii lining up to go to the US mainland for a better life. We already have a better life, and that is why other Americans come here to vacation. And lastly, I find it appalling that any American company would support anything that is taking money away from tax-paying US citizens and giving it to a country that regularly kidnaps Americans for ransom money.

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