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Turism&Travel : Hawaii scores "F" in fighting sex trafficking of children

Monday 05 December 2011

According to new report, released by advocacy group Shared Hope International, Hawaii scores lowly F in combating a growing nationwide problem - sex trafficking of children. reports that the sady graded Each state on whether it has laws to protect children caught in the sex trade, and penalties to punish traffickers and adults seeking their services. reports that not one state out of 50 earned an A, with 25 states sporting F grades.

Even states considered to have good laws on the books — Washington and Texas — earned Bs.

Hawaii scored poorly on the report — we come in third to last — in large part because the state does not have a sex trafficking law.

Earlier this year, Hawaii passed a labor trafficking law — a first for the state. A sex trafficking bill died in part because Honolulu Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro came out against it, saying that existing laws cover the crime. Instead, advocates settled for a measure strengthening existing laws criminalizing prostitution.

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