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Turism&Travel : Survey: Los Angeles dives are the worst in US

Tuesday 29 November 2011

- Budget hotels in Los Angeles are the nation's worst according to a new survey. When recently compiled reviews of 2 and 2.5 star hotels located in large metropolitan areas across the country, that clear-cut trend unfolded.

The survey culled and analyzed the reviews of guests who had stayed at such accommodations over the past 12 months. It then ranked those cities on the basis of reviewers' "overall quality" satisfaction with their stays. In the end, budget hotels in LA walked away with the lowest ratings.

Over the past year, the average assessment guests who had stayed at budget LA hotels gave to almost three-quarters of them was neutral or negative. Indeed, a mere 28% of budget hotels in Los Angeles received a positive overall rating. That dismal thumbs-up response rate landed Los Angeles as the worst of the 25 cities investigated.

California took a beating all around, however, with other cities in the state not faring much better. San Francisco and San Diego came in at the tail end of the rankings spectrum as well, with approval ratings of 34% and 33% respectively. Only San Jose posted slightly better results, with 42% of respondents giving the city's hotels affirmative reviews. The East Coast and Texas dominated the top 10 list, with the best overall ratings being scored in Washington, DC. Here in the nation's capitol, over 60% of budget hotels received a positive rating.

Following are the survey's full rankings. They show the percent of hotels achieving a positive average rating in each city over the past year.

1. Washington, DC 61%

2. Charlotte 58%

3. Indianapolis 58%

4. Phoenix 57%

5. Fort Worth 56%

6. El Paso 55%

7. Baltimore 54%

8. Austin 53%

9. Memphis 51%

10. Philadelphia 50%

11. Jacksonville 49%

12. Dallas 48%

13. San Antonio 48%

14. Houston 48%

15. Columbus 47%

16. Nashville 43%

17. Chicago 42%

18. San Jose 42%

19. Seattle 41%

20. Boston 40%

21. Detroit 40%

22. New York 39%

23. San Francisco 34%

24. San Diego 33%

25. Los Angeles 28%

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