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Turism&Travel : Travel is “unquenchable passion for Americans, ” survey shows

Thursday 17 November 2011

com, a provider of online travel deals, has said it recently conducted a survey to gauge how important holiday travel is to US travelers given the current state of the economy. The survey revealed that travel is an unquenchable passion for Americans, as an overwhelming 80 percent of the 8,092 respondents say they have cut back their expenses in other areas to protect their travel budget.

“Our research clearly shows that Americans are still eager for a vacation getaway and will make room in their budgets, even if it means cutting down on other expenses to fit in their travel plans,” said Lauren Sullivan, site editor at “The drive to take a break, spend time with family and friends and explore either a new or well loved destination is irrepressible. Our goal is to equip travelers with information, inspiration and deals to turn this passion for travel into a getaway that soothes the soul without breaking the bank.”

According to, the majority of respondents in its survey were over 41 years of age (77 percent) with females accounting for 79 percent of the total responses. Of the total respondents, 46 percent plan to take at least one holiday with 76 percent budgeting at least $500 or more for their trip.

In terms of where most respondents wanted to visit, Europe was the number one choice as a holiday destination with 36 percent of the votes, followed by North America with 25 percent and then South America and Australasia coming in third and fourth with 13 percent and 14 percent respectively.

The online travel deals publisher added: “Not surprisingly, the favorite type of holiday for those seeking a getaway was an escape for some fun in the sun, with family holidays and adventure travel ranking second and third with 23 percent and 21 percent.”

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