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Wednesday 02 November 2011

- As Thanksgiving approaches and ushers in the first portion of this year's very busy holiday travel season, travel agency network Travel Leaders is offering tips to make even the most casual of travelers a seasoned pro. Travel Leaders also cautions consumers who have held off on purchasing their holiday airline tickets to do so quickly since airline capacity has continued to shrink, making even fewer seats available.

"Travel Leaders reminds consumers that the busiest days at America's airports are those immediately before or after a major holiday, so if you can avoid those days or travel on the holiday itself, you're likely to not only find greater availability for airline seats, but you're also more likely to find less hectic airports, too," explained Roger E. Block, CTC, President of Travel Leaders Franchise Group. "Regardless of the day you travel, you will want to allow more time than normal in arriving at the airport – that's because millions of infrequent travelers will be flying, too, and their relative familiarity with airport check-ins and security screenings could impact the amount of time needed to get you to your gate on time."

According to Block, a recent poll of Travel Leaders travel agents nationally, taken September 12-26
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