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Turism&Travel : Increased airlift expected to put Hawaii on track to reach 2011 targets

Friday 23 September 2011

HONOLULU, Hawaii - Despite the decline in visitor arrivals for August, total arrivals and spending for all of 2011 to date remains up over 2010 with a 14.
1 percent increase in overall spending and an average daily spending level of US$178. Hawaii remains confident that the projected increases for the remainder of the year will help the state achieve its 2011 targets.

Most of this optimism is due to the anticipated increases in airlift from key markets such as Korea, Japan, China, and Australia, with expectations that this growth in airlift will continue well into 2012.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) is also expecting continued growth in visitor spending, in part due to the advantageous monetary exchange rate for markets such as Japan and Canada. According to HTA, this has played a major role in the increase in daily and overall spending, resulting in US$1 billion more to the state's economy compared to the same time last year.

Source: Hawaii Tourism Authority
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