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Turism&Travel : Are you really safe on US Airways flights ?

Sunday 24 July 2011

The battle between US Airways(LLC) and its pilots over the airline's safety culture is continuing, this time focused on an incident in which a captain declined to fly a transatlantic flight.

At the US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA), the union that represents US Airways pilots, that's our motto. Our pilots have decades of experience and are committed to making sure that every flight we fly arrives safely at its destination. That's our responsibility to you, our passengers - and it's one we take very, very seriously.

Unfortunately, our employer does not share our passion for safety. While US Airways management touts their safety record and certain programs they have in place, they have nonetheless created a culture of intimidation and pressure, where a Captain's authority takes a backseat to economic considerations and on-time performance. We know that being on-time is important to our passengers, but US Airways is pressuring its labor groups beyond reasonable limits and to the detriment of safety. We cannot support their desires for profits over safety, and we will not put the lives of our passengers at risk to satisfy the on-time performance goals that produce lucrative executive bonuses.

Consider what happened on June 16
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