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Turism&Travel : Orlando to remain the hottest US tourist spot in 2011

Thursday 30 June 2011

Orlando has been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world for many years, but it saw a record number of visitors in 2010.
Last year Orlando welcomed over 51 million visitors and according to, an online holiday specialist, these figures are set to be matched by 2011's visitor numbers.

Alex Saint, CEO of says, "Florida has always been a favourite destination for's customers, and Orlando, home of Disneyworld, Universal Studios and countless waterparks, has proven to be a particular attraction to the many families that use our services. We're already seeing a huge interest in Orlando flights and holidays and we expect this to continue as we approach the high season."

According to figures released by Visit Orlando, over 51.5 million travellers holidayed in Orlando in 2010 compared with the 46.6 million that visited in 2009, which amounts to a 10.5 per cent total increase in visitor numbers. The city has traditionally been one of the most visited holiday destinations in the USA and last year it became the first city in the country to ever hit the 50 million-plus visitors mark. Over 3.6 million of these came from abroad according to the Visit Orlando report - a figure that is set to increase as more premium carriers begin offering cheap flight deals to their customers.

Saint adds, "Florida was one of the original destinations of choice when package holidays initially became popular in the 1960s and the state's willingness to invest in improving their attractions, accommodation and amenities has meant that Florida holidays have remained consistently popular. Orlando in particular is seen by many as the destination of a lifetime, but in the past the cost of flights meant families could only afford to visit once. In 2011, flights to Orlando are cheaper than ever before and this means that travellers are able to come to the Sunshine State time and time again."

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