An: Titlu: 1990 - Camera Deputatilor
Anul: 1990
Tipul: Camera Deputaților

1990 Parliamentary Elections: Chamber of Deputies

Date: 20 May 1990
Number of registered voters: 17,200,720
Turnout: 86.19%
Votes: Total Cast: 14,825,017; Valid: 13,707,159

FSN – National Salvation Front (Frontul Salvarii Nationale)908965966.3126366.41
UDMR/ RMDSZ – Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (Uniunea Democrata a Maghiarilor din Romania)9916017.23297.32
PNL - National Liberal Party (Partidul National Liberal)8792906.41297.32

* AUR = electoral alliance of PR (Republican Party) and PUNR (Party of Romanian National Unity)
Seats2: This figure represents the % seats for each party that passed the threshold, calculated from the constitutional number of seats (328), without including the minority seats.

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- Petre Datculescu, Klaus Liepelt (eds) 1991. Renasterea unei democratii: Alegerile din Romania de la 20 Mai 1990,, Bucuresti, Coresi.


MER - Romanian Ecological Movement (Miscarea Ecologista din Romania)3588642.62123.03
PNTcd – National Peasants Party – Christian Democrat (Partidul National Taranesc – Crestin Democrat)3513572.56123.03
AUR - Alliance for Romanian Unity (alianta pentru Unitatea Romanilor)*2908752.1292.27PDAR – Democratic Agrarian Party of Romania (Partidul Democrat Agrar din Romania)2504031.8392.27
PER – Romanian Ecological Party (Partidul Ecologist Roman)2322121.6982.02
PSD - Romanian Socialist Democratic Party (Partidul Socialist Democratic Roman)1433931.0551.26
PSDR – Romanian Social Democratic Party (Partidul Social Democrat Roman)730140.5320.51Democratic Group of the Centre (Grupul Democrat de Centru)659140.4820.51
PDM – Democratic Party of Labour (Partidul Democrat al Muncii)525950.3810.25
PLS – Party of Free Change (Partidul Liber Schimbist)470170.3410.25
PRN - Party of National Reconstruction of Romania (Partidul Reconstructiei Nationale din Romania)438080.3210.25Party of Young Free Democrats of Romania (Partidul Tineretului Liber Democrat din Romania)431880.3210.25
FDGR – German Democratic Forum of Romania (Forumul Democrat German)387680.2810.25
ULB – Liberal Union ‘Bratianu’ (Uniunea Liberala Bratianu)368690.2710.25
Democratic Union of the Roma of Romania (Uniunea Democrata a Romilor din Romania)291620.2110.25
Democratic Enivronmentalist Party (Partidul Democrat Ecologist)260580.1900
Cooperatist Party (Partidul Cooperatist)247490.1800
Christian Democratic Union (Uniunea Democrat Crestina)240010.1800
United Democratic Party of the Roma Woodworkers and Fiddlers in Romania (Partidul Unit Democrat al Romilor, Rudarilor,si Lautarilor din Romania)218470.1600
Romanian Peasant Party (Partidul Taranesc Roman)215880.1600
Liberal Party of Freedom of Romania (Partidul Liberal -al Libertatii- din Romania)207440.1500
Community of Lippovans in Romania (Comunitatea Lipovenilor din Romania)179740.1310.25
Party Christian Orthodox Union (Partidul Uniunea Crestin Ortodoxa)175210.1300
Socialist Party of Justice (Partidul Socialist al Dreptatii - Independent)174840.1300
Party of the Gypsies of Romania (Partidul Tiganilor din Romania)168650.1200
Party of Democratic Unity from Moldova (Partidul Unitatii Democratice din Moldova)168630.1200
Party of Democratic Unity (Partidul Unitatii Democratice)163540.1200
Union of the Ukrainians of Romania (Uniunea Ucrainienilor din Romania)161790.1210.25
Party of Christian Union (Partidul Uniunii Crestine din Romania)149020.1100
Humanistic Ecological Party - founded in Arad (Partidul Ecologist Umanist - fondat in Arad)127390.0900
Romanian Party for the New Society (Partidul Roman pentru Noua Societate)123050.0900
Party of Labour (Partidul Muncii)107440.0800
Democratic Union of the Serbs of Romania (Uniunea Democratica a Sirbilor din Romania)90950.0710.25
Grouping of the Centre 'New Romania' (Gruparea de Centru "Noua Romanie")90730.0700
Christian Republican Party (Partidul Republican Crestin)89390.0700
Democratic Muslim Turkish Union (Uniunea Democratica Turca Musulmana)86000.0610.25
Democratic Christian Party of the Roma of Romania (Partidul Democrat Crestin al Romilor din Romania)79390.0600
Party Alliance for Democracy (Partidul Alianta pentru Democratie)66950.0500
Democratic Union 'Tara Oasului' (Uniunea Democratica "Tara Oasului")62150.0500
Romanian Social Democratic Christian Party (Partidul Social Democrat Crestin Roman)61940.0500
Romanian Popular Front of National Salvation (Frontul Popular Roman Salvarii Nationale)52080.0400
Hellenic Union of Romania (Uniunea Elena din Romania)49320.0410.25
Free Democratic Union of Roma in Romania (Uniunea Libera Democratica a Romilor din Romania)46050.0300
Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs of Romania (Uniunea Democratica a Slovacilor si Cehilor din Romania)45840.0310.25
National Romanian Party (Partidul National Roman)39830.0300
Bulgarian Union of Banat - Bulgarian Cultural Association from Bucharest Uniunea Bulgara din Banat - Asociatia Culturala Bulgara din Bucuresti34510.0310.25
Radical Democratic Party (Partidul Radical Democrat)32400.0200
Party for National and Democratic Reconstruction (Partidul pentru Reconstructia Nationala si Democratica)32230.0200
Republican Union Party (Partidul Uniunea Republicana)26930.0200
Independent Hungarian Party (Partidul Independent Maghiar)25780.0200
Modern Democratic Movement (Miscarea Democratia Moderna)24880.0200
Union of Poles of Romania 'Dom Polski' (Uniunea Polonezilor din Romania"Dom Polski")23720.0210.25
Forum of Democracy and National Unity of Romania (Forumul Democratiei si Unitatii Nationale din Romania)21760.0200
Party of Labour and Social Justice of Romania (Partidul Muncii si Dreptatii Sociale din Romania)21460.0200
Party of the Democratic Future of the Motherland (Partidul Viitorul Democrat al Patriei20910.0200
Party of Social Justice (New Democracy) of the Nort West of Romania (Partidul Dreptatii Sociale (Noua Democratie) de Nord-Vest din Romania)20730.0200
National Republican Party (Partidul National Republican)16100.0100
Progressive Democratic Party (Partidul Democrat Progresist)14950.0100
Association of Former Political Prisoners/Detainees and Victims of the Dictatorship in/of Romania (Asociatia Fostilor Detinuti Politici si Victime ale Dictaturii din Romania)14040.0100
National Progressive Party (Partidul National Progresist)11160.0100
Democratic Constitutional Party of Romania (Partidul Democrat Constitutional din Romania)9460.0100
Party for the Honouring of the Heroes of the Revolution and National Salvation (Partidul pentru Cinstirea Eroilor Revolutiei si Salvare Nationala)8910.0100
Democratic Party of Cluj (Partidul Democrat din Cluj)425000
Union of Armenians of Romania (Uniunea Armenilor din Romania)399010.25
Party of the Romanian House of Democratic Europe (Partidul Casa Romana a Europei Democratice)390000
Movement 'Young Democracy' (Miscarea "Tinara Democratie")328000
Humanistic Party of Peace (Partidul Umanitar al Pacii)0000
Workers Alliance 'Freedom' Anticommunist and Antifascist (Alianta Muncitoreasca "Libertatea" Anticomunista si Antifascista)0000

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