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turism&travel : Wrapping your travel plans in a security blanket

Monday 02 August 2010

(eTN) - Both Mother Nature and human nature can take on positive and negative forms, and when it turns not so positive, today's traveler is not immune to the possible effects.
Whether it be flooding or an earthquake, volcanic ash or snow storms, a viral epidemic or a suicide bomber, the potential pitfalls are there.

And for most of us, we work all year so that we can enjoy a couple of weeks to rest, to travel, to have fun. So how does one relax and enjoy oneself with all these potential pitfalls lurking around our travel plans? Just like we do for any unexpected curve ball life may throw at us – through the comfort of insurance. Of course, travel insurance does not make us immune to the perils of Mother Nature and human nature, but it does offer the comfort that should we fall victim to some deviant event, at least we may recoup and recover from possible damages.

Few would disagree that travel insurance would have been a wonderful thing to have in the most grandiose of travel dilemmas, such as the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano or the earthquake in Haiti. But imagine how much better you would feel even in the most common of challenges, such as discovering your luggage has been sent to some location that no airline employee can quite pinpoint. Most travel insurance costs 5 to 10 percent of the overall trip price – in general, a lot less than the cost of replacing the contents of your lost luggage or recouping the cost of a cancelled long-haul flight.

Whether traveling for pleasure or for business, alone or with family or friends, for a weekend getaway or a long and luxurious cruise, travel insurance can give us the peace of mind we need when traveling in today's world.

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