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turism&travel : Southwest to decal 50 aircraft with the new campaign slogan - Free Bags Fly Here

Thursday 20 May 2010

Southwest Airlines is taking its Bags Fly Free advertising campaign one step further.
Over the next six weeks, the airline will decal more than 50 aircraft with the slogan, "Free Bags Fly Here" and an arrow pointing to its cargo bin. The airline will also tag approximately 1,000 luggage carts across the system with banners that say "I Carry Free Bags." Using its most visible assets--airplanes and ground support equipment--is just another way Southwest is reinforcing its commitment not to charge for Customers' first two checked bags!

To support the new extension of its messaging, Southwest Airlines today brought some of its employees made famous from the airline's recent television ad campaign to its Dallas headquarters for a photo shoot with the aircraft and airport equipment. The "Rampers" from the spot entitled "Battle Cry," featuring Ramp Agents "revealing" Southwest's Bags Fly Free policy, hammed it up for the cameras in Dallas and talked about how life has changed since the commercials have aired. The Rampers even played an important role at the Company's Annual Shareholder Meeting today. At the meeting, Chairman, President, and CEO Gary Kelly asked the 11 Rampers to help him reiterate Southwest's stance on its baggage policy!

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