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turism&travel : Southwest Airlines blows tires upon take-off

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Southwest Airlines flight 2287 departing from Sacramento International Airport in California was forced to abort its take off when the aircraft blew two tires upon attempting take off.

One of the passengers said he heard a loud bang and then the plane jolted. The pilot then came on to announce that they had blown tires on the aircraft.

Passengers were saved from having to leave the aircraft via the emergency slide, and were escorted off the plane via portable steps.

According to FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor, the incident caused a temporary closing of the runway as the aircraft was towed from the runway and airport crew inspected the runway. Airport officials said no debris was found on the runway that may have caused the tires to burst.

Southwest flight 2287 was originally scheduled for arrival in Seattle. The 130 passengers were booked on other flights.

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