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turism&travel : Onelua Ewa burial sites destruction case filed in Honolulu

Friday 23 September 2011

HONOLULU, Hawaii - Armed with over 230 exibits that document many years of cover-ups, delayed meetings, and hidden agendas by Hawaii's Dept.
of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), Haseko-Ewa Inc. (subsidiary of Haseko-Japan), State Historical Preservation Divison (SHPD), and City/County Parks Office, final legal paperwork has been filed with the State's Attorney General in Honolulu, Hawaii. Documents that were submitted define past and ongoing destruction of many ancient Hawaiian burial sites; the pilferage of sacred Hawaiian Royal family heirlooms from the graves and ongoing denials of Hawaiian citizen rights to preserve their culture by the developer - Haseko Ewa Inc., with sanctions from the DLNR, SHPD, and other City/County offices.

Mr. Mike K. Lee, a living decendent of Queen Kaomileika'ahumanu (a wife of King Kamehameha I, and true mother of King Kamememeha III) is a Hawaiian historian and cultural preservation expert, and in legal documents filed by him, it seeks to bring an immediate closure to the further destruction of his ancient Hawaiian Royal family's burial site, as well as, stoppage of looting of ancient Hawaiian capes, rare wooden kii's (idols), and other Royal funerary objects taken from his Royal family's grave by Haseko-Ewa, Inc., when they began dredging the Ewa marina in Onelua years ago. In addition, there are seven other burial sites of the Kings of Oahu and Kauai that are treatened to be destroyed by Haseko-Ewa Inc.

This case (since 2000) has been discussed and documented with numerous Hawaii government officials, land and recreation heads, the major principals in Haseko-Ewa Inc., and City/County representatives. The evidence presented will prove that Mr. Lee's Hawaiian civil and legal rights have been violated, and that his Royal family's burial site was destroyed and looted by the Oahu Japanese developer. Haseko-Ewa Inc.'s lack of due-diligence when digging the Ewa marina violates the Hawaii State Constitution (Article 12, section 7). It states and protects the rights of Hawaiian citizens to preserve and protect their ancient Hawaiian burial sites throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

A final decision regarding this case is expected within 30 days. Mr. Lee can be reached via email or by telephone at 808-683-1954 in Hawaii.

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