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turism&travel : US travelers singing the post-vacation blues

Thursday 15 September 2011

- The results of the post-vacation blues survey of more than 1,400 U.S. respondents who took leisure trips this summer, have been announced today. They reveal that 34 percent often struggle with feelings of melancholy following their return from vacation, while 20 percent always do.

As autumn temperatures begin to drop, stress levels rise for many recently-returned travelers; 84 percent say their stress-o-meter readings return to pre-vacation highs soon after returning home. Forty-three percent feel the strain within the first week back, and 19 percent within the very first day. In addition, 41 percent said they find it depressing that Labor Day represents the end of summer.

Travelers' Top Five Post-Vacation Blues-Busting Measures

Begin planning the next trip - 73%

Regularly view pictures or videos of the trip - 52%

Create a photo album of the trip - 41%

Take weekend breaks to bridge the gap until the next vacation - 18%

Cook the local cuisine enjoyed on the trip - 16%

Mid-Vacation Vexations

On a typical one-week vacation, 64 percent start to feel anxious about the end of their trip before it's over.

Day five of a one-week trip is the most anxiety-inducing, with 17 percent feeling apprehensive about returning home following just four days of rest and relaxation.

A further four percent confess that the worry of homecoming looms large from day one of the trip.

Work Woes Weigh Heavy

Travelers cite the return to work as the most challenging aspect of returning from a vacation (34 percent).

Within the first month of being back to the grind, 12 percent confess they have falsely phoned in sick.

Eight percent consider finding a new job, while four percent are regularly late for work, in the first month back from vacation.

"While many Americans struggle to maintain the feel-good factor upon returning to work and a daily routine after a terrific summer vacation, the process of planning another getaway helps 73 percent of travelers remain upbeat," said Karen Drake, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor.

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