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turism&travel : AA plane makes emergency landing after 2 passengers injured

Wednesday 10 August 2011

A plane made an emergency landing in South Carolina Tuesday after two passengers were injured during the turbulent flight, aviation authorities said.

Ambulances met American Airlines Flight 734 at the gate after it landed in Charleston, South Carolina, Tuesday afternoon, Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said.

The plane -- which had 152 people onboard -- experienced "severe turbulence" as it flew over the border between Florida and Georgia, airline spokesman Tim Smith said. Two passengers and one flight attendant asked to be examined by paramedics, but their injuries were not life-threatening, he said.

One passenger described a few harrowing moments aboard the plane.

"It felt like an amusement ride when you're going down ... We shot back up, and then we came back down, and we finally leveled off," passenger Nicole Turner said.

Mechanical inspectors will investigate the plane, which was flying in stormy weather between Miami and Washington, D.C. American Airlines was planning to send a new aircraft to take passengers to Washington Tuesday evening, he said.

Source: CNN
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