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Monday 11 January 2010

Along with the compelling programming during 2010, the network will offer full interactive applications, 24/7, so that viewers, from the comfort of their sofa, using their remote control, will be able to request information, view videos, enter promotions and sweepstakes, and ultimately transact purchases. Now how's that for having the world at your fingertips?

Resort and Residence represents a new generation of cable networks. A combination of dynamic programming, response-driven marketing messages, and interactive applications will set the stage for television programming and advertising for the future. What a great opportunity for travel and hospitality suppliers and marketers to use Resort and Residence to provide last-minute travel deals, exclusive tours, and cruise packages within high-quality engaging programming along with incentive driven interactive applications to further engage the viewers. What marketer would not want to be able to increase the time spent on a traditional 30-second ad to over 3 minutes and generate the buy/request information 4 times more than with traditional advertising? It's as clear as the select button on the remote!

Resort and Residence Television network presents a groundbreaking opportunity for marketers to work with a network that has the capability of delivering immediate response for advertisers by either participating in shows or through the purchase of advertising. With a wide variety of travel shows such as Caribbean Escapes, American Outdoorsman, Andiamo, Yacht TV, Travel Magazine, and Extraordinary Vacations, coupled with home and real estate programming that runs the gamut from Bloom in the Garden, The Chef's Kitchen, Bringing it Home, Wealthy Manor, Southern Homes and Lifestyle, Golf Destinations, and more, the network creates a perfect backdrop for the travel and resort real estate offers whether it's last-minute deals or planning the trip of a lifetime.

By the end of 1Q 2010, the network will be distributed to over 40 million subscribers through satellite and cable distributors.

It's pretty cool to be less than 2 months old and already be the second largest travel-focused TV Network. Travel marketers will want to join this network with their offers, advertising, and programming.

For additional programming/advertising information, please contact Wendy Johnson, president, or Tom Armstrong, vice president of sales, phone: (954) 888.9779 ext. 8970, fax: (954) 888.9082.

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