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turism&travel : Healthy vacations for US travelers are no sweat but not fat free

Thursday 14 July 2011

- The results of its health and fitness on vacation survey of more than 1,000 U.S. travelers have been announced today. Fifty-two percent of respondents always or often exercise on vacation, and 65 percent maintain that healthy eating is important to them on leisure trips. While the majority of travelers are exercising on leisure trips, this may help compensate for hefty vacation menus, as 34 percent frequently gain weight on leisure trips. Eighty-one percent confess they are more likely to overindulge on food on vacation than while at home, while 55 percent are more likely to overindulge on alcohol.

Vacation Workouts

On a typical one week vacation, 30 percent of U.S. travelers exercise three to four times, 21 percent exercise once or twice and 12 percent exercise once a day.

18 percent exercise more on vacation than when at home, while 25 percent exercise about the same amount.

Nearly one quarter of travelers (23 percent) say fitness facilities are frequently a consideration when choosing their vacation accommodations.

Healthy Retreats

Travelers' main motivation for exercising on vacation is to maintain their fitness regimen (21 percent), while a further 20 percent do so to avoid gaining weight.

12 percent have taken a vacation dedicated to improving their health, while 13 percent plan to do so in the coming 12 months.

The destination travelers would most like to visit for a healthy vacation is Sedona, Arizona.

Food for Thought: Female Travelers More Diet-Conscious than Men

Men Women

Have dieted in preparation for a vacation 47% 61%

Have started a post-vacation diet 48% 54%

Healthy eating is important on vacation 59% 69%

Often or always eat healthily on vacation 64% 75%

Often feel guilty after a vacation for over-indulging on food 14% 20%

Guilty Pleasures and Vacation Vices

57 percent confess to eating less healthy foods more frequently on vacation than they do at home.

Travelers' top vacation food vices:

Ice cream - 29 percent Fried seafood - 10 percent Cake - 7 percent

One in four (26 percent) confess they often plan to exercise on vacation, but don't follow through on those intentions.

Regardless of their activity levels, respondents carry little guilt in their baggage: 79 percent rarely or never feel badly after a vacation for not exercising enough.

Top Physical Activities on Vacation, According to Travelers:

Walking - 90 percent Swimming - 44 percent Hiking - 33 percent Using fitness equipment - 31 percent Biking - 17 percent

"While relaxation and delicious cuisine are undoubtedly key ingredients for an enjoyable trip, a significant number of Americans strive to find a balance between healthy pursuits and pleasure-seeking on their travels," said Karen Drake, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor.

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