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turism&travel : Great things in store for IMEX participants

Monday 04 July 2011

IMEX America's strategic partner and premier educational provider, MPI, has great things in store for participants having created dedicated educational programs to run alongside the trade show, as well as providing a series of keynotes to be delivered each morning before the show opens.
All education is provided free of charge to buyers and suppliers and will offer full CEU credits.

MPI's innovative MeetDifferent education will kick things off, as the signature education of "Smart Monday," October 10. MPI will deliver completely new programming, never presented before, and will provide guidance on how to use the learning objectives during the show and when professionals return to their day-to-day business operations. And in keeping the tradition of MeetDifferent alive, presenters and attendees will capitalize on different learning formats and locations throughout "Smart Monday." Participants can earn enough CEUs from MPI to meet half their yearly requirements for CMP.

Other MPI-IMEX America initiatives include the MPI Foundation Rendezvous, October 12 at PURE nightclub, which will be the official IMEX America party. Ticket proceeds from this event benefit scholarships and research initiatives that help the advancement of the industry. Additionally, as strategic partners IMEX and MPI are co-developing the IMEX Mobile App and a series of expert webinars, which are currently available online and on-demand at and .

Explaining the importance of MPI's relationship with IMEX America and what it means for MPI members and meeting professionals around the world, Bruce MacMillan, President and CEO of MPI stated:

"Our objective is to provide valuable professional development in an environment and a way that encourages innovation, creativity, and passion. We want the IMEX America audience to feel a sense of performance empowerment, as well as an aura of inspired action when they listen to these expert presenters."

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