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turism&travel : Baltia Air Lines expands into new headquarters at JFK

Friday 01 July 2011

NEW YORK - Baltia Air Lines - Russell Thal, Executive Vice President, stated today, "Baltia has entered into a five-year lease agreement with Japan Airlines Management Corp (JMC) to lease office space for Baltia's headquarters.

Baltia's new headquarters, which used to be the headquarters for JAL, are five times larger than our current office space and the space was needed as we gear up for flight revenue service. The new office is equipped to house the entire company, including our reservations and operations control." Mr. Thal further stated, "In conjunction with the new headquarters we are also leasing from JMC our own maintenance facility located adjacent to our new Headquarters. We are retaining the station office at Terminal 4 for passenger service."

D.O.T. Regulatory Disclaimer:

Baltia is a U.S. startup airline. No ticket sales are currently available. This service is subject to receipt of government operating authority.

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