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turism&travel : Travelers lean on specialists to streamline international travel preparation

Friday 10 June 2011

With the economy just beginning a slow rebound after several difficult years, travelers are resuming exploration around the globe.
The United Nations World Tourism Association forecasts a rise of 4% to 5% in overall international travel for the year 2011, with individuals, couples, and families again venturing abroad, and companies ranging from small businesses to major corporations resuming business travel expenditures.

The return to travel comes at a time when professionals and families are busier than ever before. Longer work hours, school children's ever-increasing extracurricular activities, and the growing need for everyone to be “two places at once” has created a premium on time. Preparing for travel - even an intended getaway or relaxing vacation - can become a chore unto itself as people race to juggle daily schedules filled from morning until evening.

Many individuals are now realizing that deliberate outsourcing of select tasks effectively save them not only invaluable time, but money, as well. With a cautious upswing in sales of goods and services, consumers are again reaching out to professionals for expert guidance on such matters as finance, fitness, and travel.

In addition to utilizing a licensed travel agent, the smart traveler can maximize their travel time - and dollar - by observing a few key tips. Travel professionals advise booking tickets as early as possible and reconsidering business class flights when flying abroad - these fares are forecasted to be drastically reduced throughout 2011. Checking in online prior to airport arrival not only saves time but may provide a chance to confirm a seat reservation, as well. Hotel brands around the globe are upping the ante on guest loyalty programs, creating better-than-ever incentives for repeat customers.

Well in advance of your trip, be certain to check all requirements for travel documentation. Using a travel documentation service for your visa and passport requirements can eliminate the need for researching or keeping track of constantly shifting governmental regulations concerning passports and international travel visas.

In addition, a qualified travel documentation specialist can advise consumers on changes in travel conditions and safety throughout world, while ensuring that arrival and entrance into the intended destination goes as smoothly as possible, maximizing valuable travel time. Travel Document Systems, Inc. Vice President, Dean Orbell, added:

“Our new customers are often surprised by the added value of utilizing a visa and passport service for their international travels. We often find customers who first turned to us in an emergency situation, such as for a same-day visa or passport, return to us even when they may not need expedited service, as they discover that delegating their travel document needs allows them to focus on matters of greater personal importance.”

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