Collapsing along with all right parties [1]

As this is the time for evaluations, president Traian Basescu has to answer a crucial question: what approach to his presidency will he have from now on? Will he see it as an institution above parties with himself as representative of civil society? Or on the contrary, will he see it as expression of the right parties due to which he reached Cotroceni? After only one year, of course no one would ask the president of the state to step out in front of the nation and clearly express his view on the above-mentioned dilemma

. Still the self-defining is reached by analyzing presidential behaviour. As far as this is concerned, thorough, unbiased and passionless analysis shows that his activity in the first year of mandate was just meditation and testing of the two solutions available: president as civil society representative or president as representative of D.A. ("Truth and Justice") Alliance. Basescu did not express clear option for one or the other. But in such circumstances to express no option means to remain bound to political forces. And in case the right collapses, Basescu will be caught in the whirlpool too and sink to the bottom.
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Data publicării: 12 Dec 2005 - 05:38

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