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Activ Media Plan  Populare

Activ Media Plan - impreuna pentru o Administratie Moderna si Performanta
Adăugat în: 28-Feb-2008 | Vizite: 7314
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Legile internetului  Populare

Adăugat în: 17-Noi-2004 | Vizite: 793
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Drept constitutional  Populare

lector GHEORGHE BUTA Facultatea de Studii Europene - IDD, Universitatea Babes-Bolyai,Cluj-Napoca, 2002
Adăugat în: 14-Noi-2004 | Vizite: 1901
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Drept Online  Populare

Alegerea Presedintelui in diverse sisteme
Adăugat în: 14-Noi-2004 | Vizite: 1305
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Brainy translation  Populare

Translation of elector
Adăugat în: 31-Oct-2004 | Vizite: 1446
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Elections  Populare

A different way to vote
Adăugat în: 31-Oct-2004 | Vizite: 963
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Preferential Voting and the VOTE-123 system  Populare

And other single-winner preferential voting systems.
Adăugat în: 31-Oct-2004 | Vizite: 867
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The history of voting  Populare

It we have two candidates A and B and one of the two is to be elected by a vote, then there is a fairly obvious system. Voters cast a vote for either candidate A or a vote for candidate B. However if votes were to be cast for a larger number of candidates then there was a question of how it should be done
Adăugat în: 31-Oct-2004 | Vizite: 853
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List of democracy and elections-related topics  Populare

This is a list of articles related to democracy and the various aspects of a democratic system, most notably elections. In general, all the following articles have at least some connection with the democratic decision-making process.
Adăugat în: 31-Oct-2004 | Vizite: 1048
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Voting system  Populare

Voting systems are methods (algorithms) for groups of people to select one or more options from many, taking into account the individual preferences of the group members.
Adăugat în: 31-Oct-2004 | Vizite: 952
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