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Turism&Travel : Travel industry clean water charity Just a Drop launches Just Help Haiti

Tuesday 19 January 2010

As emergency relief agencies attempt to get the essential supplies through that are needed in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, Just a Drop is calling for donations to provide ongoing support for villages and communities.

Following the natural disaster, hundreds of people have died without access to clean, safe water supplies, while 50 percent of people currently in hospitals in Haiti are there due to dirty water. Just a Drop will send in teams as soon as the initial relief period is over to help rebuild water and sanitation infrastructure and encourage displaced communities back to their villages and homes.

Fiona Jeffery, founder and chairman of Just a Drop and chairman of World Travel Market, said: “Whether it is for business or pleasure, the very nature of the travel and tourism industry is that it brings people together from across the world. We must face up to the enormous challenges in Haiti and as an industry should rally together and lend our support to its people. With all disasters of this kind, water shortage is a major problem and fresh supplies are being urgently dispatched to the island. But once immediate needs are met, it is vital that support is ongoing so that the recovery process is sustained. That means rebuilding the water and sanitation infrastructure. Just a Drop's "JUST HELP HAITI" appeal to the travel and tourism industry is a small part of a global response to this world disaster. But clean, fresh water is a life-giving commodity, and the charity has a vital role to play. I urge everyone to lend their support because every little bit adds up to making a huge difference."

Mike Spinelli, past president of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and assistant chairman of the Haitian League, said: “Ironically, the biggest problem Haiti faces is one of charity being concentrated on eradicating Haiti's problems, and not the causes. You do not cure hunger effectively in a country so awash in oceans by giving them fish, but, rather, fishing poles. Delivery of boatloads of fresh clean water to Haiti is analogous to this, as obviously, water gets used up. Since 50 percent of all hospital beds in Haiti are filled with people suffering from the effects of dirty water, and one in every 10 children die before age five due to unclean water, Just a Drop's project is a Godsend to Haiti. The creation of wells and other ongoing sources of clean water is truly a blessing to a land that is accustomed to walking five miles for this basic need, and Just a Drop is to be applauded.”

In over ten years, Just a Drop has helped more than one million children and their families from 29 countries with building protected wells, installing piping and providing sanitation, including successful missions following the 2004 Tsunami and Hurricane Mitch in Grenada in 1998. After these disasters occurred, the international water charity ran appeals to raise funds to rebuild sustainable water supplies and encouraged displaced communities to return home.

There are many ways to donate money to Just a Drop. Companies wishing to support the appeal can either submit donations online via Just a Drop's website , or send checks made payable to Just a Drop, to the attention of Ana Sustelo – Just a Drop Coordinator, Gateway House, 28 The Quadrant, Richmond TW9 1DN. Alternatively, to make a BACS transfer, please contact Nikki Davis on the email address below.

To learn more about Just a Drop's work please visit .


If you would like to run an event to raise money for Just a Drop's projects, please contact Nikki Davis, on: Phone: +44 (0)20 8910 7981 Email:

For media inquiries, please contact Fiona Jeffery at Just a Drop: Phone: 0208 910 7043

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