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Turism&Travel : Terror attack ruled out in Las Vegas airport power outage

Wednesday 06 April 2011

The possibility that a terror attack caused this morning's power outage at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, has been ruled out, a spokesperson for the airport has said.

The McCarran Airport Terminal was in the dark after a power outage at around 12:45 am. Initially, authorities could not determine what caused the power outage and why the back-up emergency system failed to turn on.

ETN editor-in-chief Nelson Alcantara was on board Sprit Airlines flight 124 with a planeload of nervous passengers unable to approach the terminal for an hour. He said: "The flight, already delayed in Chicago, we were told we had to wait after we landed in Las Vegas at about 12:14 am, because our gate was still being used by another airplane. The wait for the gate took at least half an hour, so I don't think anyone complained when we got the go for the gate. That excitement, however, was short-lived because the power outage happened a few seconds before the aircraft reached the jet-bridge."

According to Michael Alanza, spokesperson for the airport, power was restored at about 2:20 am. He told eTN that Nevada Electric is troubleshooting the cause of the outage. "Lights are back on at this time [2:20 am] and the airport was not evacuated. Lights worked at the runway and the control tower. The outage was for the airport terminals."

Nevada Electric has not been able to find a source for the black-out. There are no reports of injuries.

Las Vegas police closed all roads leading to the airport.

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