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Turism&Travel : TSA to can 12 screeners for "compromising security of traveling public"

Saturday 17 December 2011

The Transportation Security Administration is "seeking the removal" of 12 workers for improperly screening checked luggage at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, the agency announced Friday.

The move follows an investigation ordered by the airport's TSA federal security director after an internal audit revealed that about 80 of 80,000 checked bags were not properly screened during a one-week period in June. No security breaches were tied to the 80 bags in question, the TSA said in a news release.

"TSA does not tolerate employees who compromise the security of the traveling public, and we know that the overwhelming majority of our employees who strive to exceed our standards every day expect nothing less," TSA Administrator John Pistole said in a statement.

Four more employees tied to the investigation were terminated or resigned earlier in the week. Additional officers are working at the airport temporarily to ensure security.

Source: CNN
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