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Turism&Travel : THETRAVELBLOGGERSSHOW comes to Orlando

Thursday 24 June 2010

Have you ever thought about keeping a blog of your travel adventures? What would make your blog stand out among the thousands of other travel blogs? How do you even start a blog? If you are asking yourself these questions, then you must check out THETRAVELBLOGGERSSHOW.
Come to Orlando this September 11-12 and learn how to blog about all the fabulous trips you've taken. This is a tool that will allow your clients to see that you are experienced and the best choice for planning their next trip. This can't-miss event, which is being held in conjunction with THETRADESHOW, will teach you how to keep content fresh and make your blog a must-read. This is your chance to learn the secret only the professional bloggers know.

Travel today isn't just about glossy brochures and travel promotions. People are getting information from hundreds of sources and turning right around and becoming sources of travel information in their own right thanks to the advent of blogging and social networking sites. We recognize that travel bloggers are part of the new travel landscape and want to be sure that we provide them and our suppliers with a format where they can learn from one another.

The two-day event will start on Saturday, when you will have the afternoon free to enjoy some of Orlando's special top-selling retailers and attractions and more exclusive events. For bloggers, Orlando goes beyond just theme parks and family travel, appealing to those who blog about such subjects as spa travel, shopping/retail, music/nightlife, golf, and dining/cooking. Sunday will include afternoon access to the trade show floor, where hundreds of travel suppliers from around the world will be exhibiting, as well as a morning seminar session, covering topics such as:

‱ A Top Travel Blogger Shares How He Does It. Well-known journalist, consumer advocate, and travel blogger, Chris Elliott, will teach attendees the ins and outs of producing a blog that is on everyone's must-read list.

‱ Working with Travel Marketers and P.R. Agencies. Edward Hasbrouck, Practical Nomad, will explore the sources of misunderstanding and some of the win-win ways that travel bloggers, publicists, and marketers can fulfill differing goals and roles while helping each other.

‱ One Subject, One Blog: Do's and Don'ts for Niche Blogging. This panel will be moderated by's Kim Mance, with Nomadic Matt's Travel Site's Matt Kepnes, Solo Traveler's Janice Waugh, women's travel expert from Wanderlust and Lipstick's Beth Whitman, and J The Travel Authority's Jeanine Barone as panelists. You will learn in this seminar to keep the content fresh on narrowly-focused subjects.

The US$35 registration fee to attend THETRAVELBLOGGERSSHOW covers blogger track sessions and special THETRAVELBLOGGERSSHOW functions, as well as access to three days of the THETRADESHOW (Orlando, September 12-14), including education sessions, trade show floor access, and all-delegate functions (excluding private events). If you want to revisit content from both events once you return home or view sessions you were not able to attend on-site, you may purchase a Best Value package. In addition to everything offered as part of their basic registration, the Best Value package includes access to conference recordings for just US$109. To learn more about the event or to register, visit .

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