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Turism&Travel : Subway door hogs and dawdling tourists

Monday 16 August 2010

Hey, get outta the way!

Subway door hogs and foot-dragging tourists are New Yorker's top annoyances, a survey has found.

"It's a hospitality issue," Rashaun Simon, 23, a Williams-Sonoma store clerk from Jamaica, Queens, said of the subway offenders. "They're the same people who don't give up their seats to pregnant women."

Of more than 300 city residents surveyed, one quarter pinned subway door blockers as their biggest pet peeve, followed by a fifth that chose slow-walking tourists and nearly 13 percent that named cabbies who gab on their cellphones while at the wheel.

Drivers who block the box, panhandlers, hipsters, bike delivery guys, TV or movie shoots and ubiquitous tip jars rounded out the list.

It's been a week of people being driven over the edge by the city's aggravations.

Upper West Side resident Breffny Flynn, 43, entered the canon of crazy New York heroes -- and ended up at a local station house -- after head-butting a movie production assistant who, while standing guard at a film shoot, had stopped him from passing through.

Miles Moriarty, a 27-year-old estate planner also from the Upper West Side, said he could relate to Flynn's frustration.

"I can't stand it. The [assistant directors] pushing me around like a child and not being able to park in my own garage," he said.

And, of course, there's JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, of Belle Harbor, Queens, who made a getaway on a plane's emergency slide at JFK Airport after allegedly getting in a fight with a passenger over her carry-on luggage.

The top three grievances were uniform among residents across all five boroughs -- with the exception of Queens, where drivers who block the box, or obstruct intersections with their cars, edged out cellphone-using cabdrivers as the third worst annoyance.

Brooklynites had a special dislike for slow-walking tourists, placing them ahead of the subway-door blockers and cellphone cabbies as the most infuriating thing about city living.

"I hate the slow tourists that stand in the middle of the way," said Ashley Milling, 21, a student from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

"They should have a designated time for tourists, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m."

Brooklynites are also tired of the trendy -- hipsters irk 10 percent of the borough's residents.

"Property prices go up because of them. They wear those tight pants, flannel shirts, suit jackets, man purses, and there is no need for a scarf in June," complained Greenpointer Corey McSweeney.

And Staten Island had the highest number of people singling out bicycle delivery guys.

"Bike delivery guys who go the wrong way and don't follow traffic rules," said Staten Island artist Carol Brody, 69.

But others, like IT operations manager Aramis Reynoso, 32, from the South Bronx, are pretty relaxed about city life's irritations.

"I've lived here all my life," he said. "The things that annoy you about New York are usually the things that define New York."

What else annoys New Yorkers . . .

The freaking horns beeping. The light is red and they're still laying on their horns. — Richard Sinnott, East Village

Is my ex-wife on the list? How about dog walkers who don't pick up after themselves. They walk five, six dogs at a time and no one enforces them to clean up. —Jason Barrocas, 35, Upper West Side

Drivers who take up two parking spaces. — Ismet Brick, 29, Astoria

Construction. Let's put it this way, I haven't needed an alarm clock for months. — Miles Moriarty, 27, Upper West Side

Times Square. It's like a slow- moving field where [all the tourists] get corralled in. — Heather McTieran, 32, The Bronx

Air quality No. 1, cost of living No. 2. — Darcy Dahl, 46, East Harlem

People who don't offer seats up to pregnant women or disabled people. — Rashaun Simon, 23, Jamaica

I've lived here all my life. The things that annoy you about New York are usually the things that define New York. — Aramis Reynoso, 32, South Bronx

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