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Turism&Travel : Spring O'Brien focuses on travel and tourism

Monday 21 June 2010

(eTN) Spring O'Brien is a New York-based marketing communications agency that focuses on travel and tourism, economic development, and business-to-business.
The agency has full-service capabilities — including expertise in online marketing and social media – enabling them to offer incisive strategic counsel to clients in the areas of public relations, advertising, design, and the web. With a professional staff of 35, they have the flexibility of a smaller agency plus the resources and expertise to achieve big results.

With more channels of communication today than ever, the need for dynamically-engaging content has never been greater. Navigating the currents of "the new normal" demands thrift as well as innovation to achieve the competitive edge. Spring O'Brien relishes sparking opportunities for their clients by burnishing public relations, social media, and branding campaigns with creative ideas from online marketing and advertising.

In the travel arena, they consistently achieve high-visibility broadcast and cable TV, print, and online coverage to catapult their clients beyond the fray of an ever-realigning marketplace. Drawing from related areas like food and wine to architecture and design, they believe in forging opportunities rather than waiting for them. They don't tell their clients stories, they get their stories told.

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