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Turism&Travel : President of Skal Toronto inspired with the new year

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Thirty-one attendees from across Canada first met at the Canadian Reception with special guest, His Excellency, Canadian Ambassador Pierre Guimond. Frank arranged to invite the ambassador, as well dispatched a letter for occasions of the Canadian Government. The ambassador addressed the delegates and read the letter from the Honorable Lisa Raitt, MP Halton and Minister of Natural Resources.

Madame Hulya Aslantas, President SkĂ„l International 2008 – 2009, addressed over 975 delegates from over 60 countries with her final report. She joined the SkĂ„l Istanbul in 1976 and has been a very active member. President Aslantas has travelled several times over all five continents to promote SkĂ„l International and world tourism. She has arranged to publish a 120-page book entitled “President's Journey," covering all her trips and accomplishments, including pictures of her tours.

She called special attention to SkĂ„l influence, demonstrating what can be accomplished through sharing with sincerity - friendship and professionalism. She also mentioned the importance of repositioning SkĂ„l International among travel and tourism professionals. She spoke of the new world in the travel and tourism industry and how SkĂ„l is adapting to the future. SkĂ„l is a big family. It is vitally important that SkĂ„l should pursue the theme of “Doing business on the basis of ethics, friendship, and trust with friends.” This is why travel and tourism professionals should join SkĂ„l and promote the benefits for individuals and the organization.

During the Gala Dinner, president-elect 2009-2010, Nik Racic, thanked president Hulya Aslantas for the fantastic work she had accomplished during her year as president. He also thanked the delegates who had elected him as the new leader of the SkÄl movement. He promised to work for all members in order to make SkÄl even more professional and to become the most important and significant international business and friendship club in the tourism industry.

SkÄl, founded as an international association in 1934, is the largest organization of travel and tourism professionals, which brings together all branches of the tourism industry, with 20,000 members in 460 locations and 90 countries. Moreover, SkÄl is the only international organization which brings together all sectors of the travel and tourism industry. Representing the industry's managers and executives, SkÄl members meet at local, national, and international levels in an environment of friendship to discuss subjects of common interest.

President Vismeg stated: "Since I became a member 10 years ago, I have traveled to 32 countries and met wonderful SkÄlleagues everywhere. Doing business with them proved to me that our great organization has enormous untapped potential. I have witnessed the incredible power and networking opportunities each and every SkÄl member can add to our great movement. We have an exciting year ahead to grow our membership. Remember, SkÄl is the first, the largest, and the best structured Association in our industry."

SkÄl International aims for quality and supports sustainable development and responsible tourism. SkÄl International is an affiliate member and vice president of the business council of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, one of whose missions is to promote ethics in business and, in particular, the Global Code of Ethics which includes peace, the environment, security, human relations, and respect for local cultures.

SkĂ„l International is also a member of the “Task Force on the Prevention of the Exploitation of Children in Tourism” and is on the steering committee of the Code of Conduct drawn up as a result of the work done by the group. For more information on SkĂ„l International, please visit: , and for SkĂ„l Toronto North and how to join the SkĂ„l Toronto North, go to: or call Frank at: 905-635-5551.

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