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Turism&Travel : POW WOW 2011 - a "gala" of American tourism

Thursday 26 May 2011
- Special correspondent in San Francisco, from ANA STEFANIA ANDRONIC -

Ana Stefania AndronicThis year, for the first time, hosts POW WOW 2011 from San Francisco, introduced a system of highlighting the member of participations: the identification badge is stuck to a strip mention how much participation is. I felt very proud that others could see now that there is a "freshman" but one participant experienced.

If last year to Orlando, I felt lost in the crowd of 5,000 delegates, if there hardly found in the huge media room Convention Center and was to lose both sight seengs, this time I got to fix. I helped that each edition scrupulously comply not only a program but also the spatial arrangement of various kinds of components are fair, but above all, excellent guidance and information campaign for the hosts.

...I arrived in San Francisco, host of the 43th edition of the American Tourism Fair - POW WOW - after a 14 hour flight with a stopover in Frankfurt. Unlike Orlando at SF airport the delegates did’nt receive a special entry gate, so that immigration took long enough - especially the huge Boeing 777 that suddenly downloaded more than 400 passengers. A bus driver walked us disoriented about two hours through downtown until he managed to reach the destination hotel - Westin St. Francis, one of the oldest and most prestigious, placed in the navel of the city, in Union Square. From first glance I was impressed by the city to normality. It is kind of metropolis you smother and overwhelm you with its architecture, but if one did more for people than for cars. After a short walk through the center I went back to the hotel where overwhelmed by the more than 24 hours travel, I fell into a deep sleep. Saturday morning I woke up in time to get on down to the Moscone Convention Center, where I made the accreditation formalities. I found it, the Press Room on the same coordinator last year, but with about ten kilograms weak. I had the time necessary to meet the group to which I belonged and I board the bus that would carry us, price about 6 hours in San Francisco, into its spectacular history and geography. Not absent from the itinerary, the famous Golden Gate, no gay Castro District (SF is proud to be the most tolerant city in America), with ups and downs famous historic streets slope with cable-drawn trams in operation, and clusters of tourists ( $ 5 each) hanging from the stairs.

Sunday, the media - about 500 from 70 countries - gathered at one of the famous landing on the shore port for traditional brunch, after which my group went to the tourist port where we went in the first cruise, a History catamaran, along the Gulf. From there we moved on a rocket boat that took us on the same route, with speeds over 70 km / h in a spectacular series of corners that you freeze the blood in his veins. The San Francisco weather was unusually cold for this time - about 16 degrees Celsius - and I had few occasions to regret that my wardrobe was not taken with the best.

Thus, the two days of the fair ended introductory. Monday morning, participants torrent invaded Moscone Convention Center and itself went out with engine full diploma courses. This means that in over 1,000 booths of various tourism organizations across America began to pass by buyers and holiday tours of the participating countries - including Romania. Fair program included in the three-day gathering, meeting pre-programmed computers for about 20 minutes. Each participant will be entitled to about 40 such contacts - stating that "failure" of two such meetings virtually excluded him from the next edition of the imprudent who believed that there jaw. Contracts of $ 3.5 billion ends each year, making tourism one of the branches of national economy with an important contribution to GDP. In fact, of 100 American jobs, 12 are in tourism!

To involve more powerful journalists present, the organizers have scheduled two special sessions under the Media Market. First - representatives of the tourism received journalists in special stands. Second - journalists are hosts its own stand and receive the representatives of tourist companies. This method has so far proved extremely effective and Romanian stands - publications Alegro, Forest Universe, Amos News, Q Magazine, Traveller and Convexus 2000 and were assaulted simply Americans wanting to learn more about the opportunities they represent potential visitors from Romania.

Each of the three working days of the fair is a serious energy consumption. Therefore the organizers - U.S. Travel Association and San Francisco Visitors and Convention Bureau - insisted on a recreational basis by starting every evening a large party. Most important, from San Francisco, was organized visit Alcatraz Island, where more than 80 years, operated a famous prison which, among others, hosts the famous gangster Al Capone. In fact, among the souvenirs offered participants a copy of the featured key to the cell where it stood. The visit was extremely interesting island, making it a Prisons Department Landmark well organized, which makes money through tours that continually succeed here and the wide range of souvenirs. Prison - which failed to escape than 5 inmates - was closed down due to high maintenance costs, the island having no source of water.

I'll stop my story here in San Francisco, noting only that after the fair, some journalists and travel agents participating in one familiarization tour across California, aimed to present tourist areas offer less common but no less interested than the great metropolis of San Francisco (May 26, 2011).

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Autor: Ana Stefania Andronic
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