Vineri, 22 Aprilie 2005 - 07:35 AM Aleg.RO: Rezultatele obținute de lucrătorii MAI în domeniul ordinii și siguranței publice (EN)

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AMOS News In completing their assignments in the field of public order and safety the personnel within the Ministry of Administration and Interior recorded during the last 24 hours 253 events, as follows: 1. THE ROMANIAN POLICE: recorded 102 events, out of which 5 of economic-financial nature and 47 of judicial nature. During the specific actions and controls meant to fight against the criminal phenomenon, 160 doers of certain crimes were identified; out of them, 13 had been subject to manhunt. At the same time, the personnel of the Road Police found 35 road traffic minor offences; they also recorded 15 road traffic accidents that resulted in 8 deceased and 10 seriously injured persons.

2. THE ROMANIAN GENDARMERIE GENERAL INSPECTORATE: accomplished, during the above-mentioned interval of time, 1,150 missions for keeping and preserving the public order and applied 200 sanctions for minor offences, the fines amounting to 332 million ROL. Also, 8,160 gendarmes guarded 1,022 objectives of high interest.

3. THE BORDER POLICE: there were applied 314 sanctions for minor offences and there were taken over, in order to be seized, goods amounting to about 3 billion ROL. A number of 2,974 Romanian citizens were not allowed to leave the country and 101 Romanian citizens were sent back from different countries, based on readmission agreements.

4. THE GENERAL INSPECTORATE FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: intervened in the case of 93 events, out of which 28 fires and 2 extrications; they also granted first aid in 28 emergency situations and accomplished 15 missions of limiting the effects of inundations.

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