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jurnalulnational President Traian Basescu Lost All His Advisers The Romanian spokesperson Adriana Saftoiu resigned, sources told Jurnalul National Wednesday . Rumors surfaced since the beginning of the year that between Saftoiu and President Traian Basescu a cooling of the relationship started to emerge. Saftoiu did not accompany Basescu in his later official visits to Luxembourg or Berlin. Some Democrat Party members told Jurnalul national they heard about Saftoiu’s planned departure from office at Basescu’s last meeting with PD leaders. That meeting was adamantly denied to have taken place by PD leaders Emil Boc, Vasile Blaga and Adriean Videanu. But rumors had they had a reason for that, since they all quarreled with Basescu over the former presidential adviser Elena Udrea for still having an influence in the party politics. Another reason for mutual discontent was that Basescu was unhappy with the democrats still hanging on in government. "Our relationship with Basescu soured since Udrea came public with the note PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu wrote to the President asking him to intervene on behalf of his friend. We knew nothing of that public disclosure, and when we told Udrea we were unhappy with her move she rushed to the Presidential Office to complain," sources in the PD told Jurnalul national. Saftoiu was the last presidential adviser that was still by Basescu, from the original team he selected upon taking office in December 2004. The big names on that team were Andrei Plesu, adviser for foreign politics; Renate Weber, adviser for judicial matters – were both respected names in the intellectual community proving the support of the civil society for Basescu. Also on that roster of advisers was Theodor Stolojan, for the economy and also his partner in founding the political alliance of the PD and the National Liberal Party, and Vasile Blaga, adviser on security issues and the strong hand in PD. Adriana Saftoiu was the long time partner of Basescu in managing public communication for him, and her husband, Claudiu Saftoiu, was in charge of the political department. These were the names in the news, while Elena Udrea, the head of the chancellery and Stana Anghelescu, adviser at the same chancellery, became famous only after assuming their positions in the Cotroceni presidential palace. Basescu gave up his first adviser, Vasile Blaga, when the latter was called to take the internal affairs office in the government. On May 3, 2005, took place the first resignation. Andrei Plesu left his position on medical grounds. But sources close to the presidential quarters said Plesu and Basescu were in severe disagreement and that Plesu felt humiliated by Udrea’s remarks on his round figure. About at the same moment in time also left the presidential palace the last of the advisers previously in the team of Ion Iliescu: Dumitru Honciu and Sorin Stanciu. On June 24, 2005, the first scandal irrupted, with adviser Stana Anghelescu announcing her resignation, which in fact was a dismissal. Basescu ousted her from office after it became public that Anghelescu tried to exert her influence on the financial authorities investigating her husband, cigarettes maker and PD sponsor Florian Anghelescu for a 650,000 euros worth of tax evasion. On 24 October 2005, Elena Udrea, nicknamed "the blonde at the Golden Blitz restaurant," resigned. It was alleged at the time that her resignation was requested by Basescu after media stories started to investigate her and her husband’s Dorin Cocos business deals facilitated by the City Hall and the Executive. Udrea said at the time she resigned to not turn into a liability to Basescu. On December 30, 2005, another important resignation takes place: Renate Weber leaves on medical grounds, and takes back her position as an important leader in the civil society, this time not as an ally of Basescu’s but as his critic. On January 15, 2006, adviser Viorel Barloiu resigned. He was also the secretary for the Supreme Council for the National Defense, and suspected for having leaked information to the media. On January 16, 2006, adviser Valeria Dorneanu, in the political department resigns also on personal grounds, but resumes her work as a journalist. On October 5, 2006, Claudiu Saftoiu gives up his advising position to take on the top position at the intelligence service SIE. On October 16, 2006, Theodor Stolojan gave up his advising position to assume an active political role and set up the Liberal Democrat Party. January 3, 2007, Octavian Belu, after only a few months in office resigns from his position as adviser to take on the leadership of the National Agency for Sports. March 15, 2007, Sergiu Medar, presidential adviser on security issues resigns on medical grounds. Translated by ANCA PADURARU

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