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Turism&Travel : Louisville tourism official named to a National Travel Board

Wednesday 09 November 2011

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - Kate Kane, Tourism Sales Manager for the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau, was selected to fill a one-year term as an at-large Associate Member position on the Student & Youth Travel Association's (SYTA) board of directors.

Kane has been with the Louisville CVB since September 2005. As Tourism Sales Manager, her responsibilities include the initiation and implementation of sales activities, especially in the student market, that will bring group tourism to Louisville increasing attraction attendance and generating room nights.

With 24 percent of all travelers worldwide identified as youth or students, this group has a powerful impact on the tourism industry with a total annual overnight group travel expenditures exceeding US$14 billion annually.

The student market continues to play a significant role on the economic impact groups have on Louisville. Student group travel offers a generous uplift in spending as students tend to spend more while traveling. They also have a higher lifetime value than other travel sectors because of their youth, and they communicate their experience to a wider audience through the use of social media.

Louisville's popularity as a student destination has grown considerably as an affordable, wholesome destination that allows teachers to pair local attractions with curriculum. Many of the attractions have performance space and provide opportunities for student groups to experience performing for a crowd, in a unique setting.

SYTA is a partnership of dedicated professionals passionate in promoting and providing travel experiences for student and youth which enhance their social, cultural, and educational growth.

Acknowledged as the authority on student and youth travel, SYTA's members are recognized for providing the highest quality experiences for student and youth travelers. Membership in SYTA is essential for student travel professionals and provides a measurable return on investment of time and resources.

Kane's position is two-fold as an advocate for student travel with qualified tour planning professionals and for the association's suppliers. Her role is to be the voice of associate members within SYTA.

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