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Turism&Travel : Festivals of Hawaii App now available for download

Friday 05 August 2011

HONOLULU, Hawaii - Locals and visitors can now find timely information on events sponsored by the Hawai'i Tourism Authority (HTA) at their fingertips.
HTA has launched its first smartphone application for Festivals of Hawai'i, providing details on more than 100 events throughout the islands. The free app is available for download on iTunes for iPhone as well as iPod and iPad devices.

"Festivals of Hawai'i brings together our residents and visitors to celebrate cultures and traditions in our islands," said HTA President and CEO Mike McCartney. "This new mobile app is an effective marketing tool that not only delivers helpful information but also shares our unique island experiences and provides a taste of our rich cultural diversity to the world."

Search by island When opening the app, the user can select any of the six Hawaiian Islands to see what's happening that day. Islands include Kaua'i, O'ahu, Moloka'i, Lāna'i, Maui, and Hawai'i. Events closest in date will appear first.

Search by category The four most popular categories featured at the bottom of the homepage are: Hawaiian, Arts & Music, Cuisine, and Sports. The user may select one of these categories or choose "More" to see the full range of categories.

The 12 categories are:

‱ Hawaiian: Hula, Hawaiian music, and Hawaiian culture ‱ Arts & Music: Concerts, art exhibits, and shows ‱ Cuisine: Food and wine events ‱ Sports: Ocean and land activities ‱ Ethnic Culture: Non-Hawaiian cultural events including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and more ‱ Agriculture: Farmers' markets ‱ Education: Seminars and conferences ‱ Nature/Eco-Tourism: Plant shows and botanical garden tours ‱ Signature Events: Hawai'i's most prominent festivals and parades ‱ Health/Wellness: Spiritual and healing events ‱ Technology: High-tech shows and events ‱ Other

Search by location The "Near Me" button pulls up and displays events closest to users based on their location in the Hawaiian Islands.

Event profiles Each profile includes a photo along with a brief description of the event. Selecting "Favorite" bookmarks the event, while Facebook and Twitter links enable users to share the event with friends.

GPS capabilities Selecting "Directions" will pull up Google maps so that the user can obtain directions to the event of choice.

"This app helps to simplify life for travelers who are looking for things to do in our islands," said HTA Tourism Brand Manager Michael Story. "As technology evolves, we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to deliver information to Hawai'i residents and visitors alike."

While the first phase of the mobile app development features festivals and events sponsored by HTA, the next phase will widen the searchable database to include other events happening in Hawai'i. All events featured in the app are imported from .

For more information on Festivals of Hawai'i, download the app on iTunes, "like" the page on Facebook at Festivals of Hawaii, follow @FestivalsHawaii on Twitter, or visit .

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