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Turism&Travel : Federal government to stay out of Air Canada strike

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Canada's federal government served notice last night that it plans to table legislation to end the strike by Air Canada's call centre, check-in and gate agents.
The back-to-work legislation could be tabled on Friday for debate.

Yesterday, Minister of Labour Lisa Raitt said that the “government is disappointed that Air Canada and the National Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation and General Workers Union of Canada (CAW-Canada) have been unable to reach an agreement and that the union has felt it necessary to begin a strike.”

In her statement, Raitt said that the government “remains concerned about the effects a work stoppage will have on our fragile economic recovery and on Canadians during this busy travel season.”

She also urged both sides in the dispute to “reach a negotiated agreement as soon as possible, as the best solution is always the one the parties reach themselves.”

The Minister noted as well that federal mediators – who have worked with Air Canada and the CAW Canada Local 2002 over the past few months – remain in contact with the two sides and are available to assist them. “As the Minister of Labour, I am closely monitoring the situation and urge the parties to take the necessary steps to resolve this dispute promptly,” Raitt said in concluding her statement.

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