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Turism&Travel : Famous psychic, astrologer, past life therapist and author offers a journey of self discovery on the high seas

Sunday 17 January 2010

On the cruise, people will be able to find answers to questions such as “Am I psychic?,” “Do I have spirit guides?,” “Who are they?,” “What do they look like?,” “Why do we have them?,” and “How can they help me?” There are meditations and visualizations on how to effectively work with your subconscious and apply what you find to real life situations! Topics include energy, the tree of life, tarot astrology, karma, chakras, past lives, medium-ship, and how to meet and connect with your own personal spirit guides! There is also an enjoyable foray into the psychic world where David shows how to investigate the paranormal on a mediumistic level.

Commenting about the event, David explained, “I have worked and traveled across the states over the past few years, and I'm really delighted to be heading west again. The enthusiasm and desire for spiritual knowledge I see there truly inspires me to come back time and time again. The people are amazing! I was fortunate enough to holiday aboard [a cruise ship] last year and had a superb time. Combining a cruise ship with psychic development workshops is an inspired idea!”

David continued, “The cruise will definitely encourage people to think about possibilities and show ways to unlock the potential we all have within us to use our mind to create greater balance, awareness, and harmony in our lives. It may even challenge some firmly held beliefs! By the end of the cruise, people may start to look at life in a way they never thought possible and might even begin their own journey of self-discovery.”

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