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Turism&Travel : ETurbo News Group signs on to Live the Deal to help promote low carbon travel and tourism

Thursday 11 March 2010

Steinmetz said: "This is a global challenge and a real opportunity for our industry to play its part in the emerging solutions. We like Live The Deal because it aims to help the industry make the essential changes that we all know will eventually be the natural way to travel. We will work with our media colleagues to make this a common effort."

The goal of the campaign is to sign up active supporters from the travel and tourism community to help our sector live up to the government commitments under the Copenhagen Climate Accord. Professor Geoffrey Lipman, director of who launched the campaign in the Danish capital last year said: "You can judge the results of the Copenhagen Summit however you like; the fact is we have the start of a new global lower carbon framework agreed by the key players. States are filing there own targets. Live the Deal sends a simple message that the travel and tourism sector, which is so important to sustainable economic growth, jobs, trade, and the entire development agenda can be at the leading edge of this long-term shift to the green economy. We are delighted that eTurboNews has joined the campaign to help promote the idea of our sector matching national commitments and to help us spread the message. Our new website launched today, , will become a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to understand the process and take part in the low carbon transformation."

Live The Deal is endorsed by the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association), and IHRA (International Hotel and Restaurant Association).

See the new web site at .

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