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Turism&Travel : Dramatic Footage: Las Vegas Airport power outage caught on video

Wednesday 06 April 2011

If it wasn't bad enough that Spirit Airlines flight 124 from Chicago O'Hare International to Las Vegas' McCarran International was delayed an hour then was held waiting at the tarmac in Las Vegas because “another plane was using our gate,” the power system at Las Vegas' international airport failed completely just short of few inches before the plane reached the jet-bridge.

The flight's head flight attendant, who refused to be named in this story, announced the power outage immediately, but not before she could inject a little humor in the incident. “Who knows we could he here for days,” she said. Her remark elicited a few laughs from the already-exhausted passengers.

That humor quickly turned into agitation as passengers had already endured a delay in Chicago then another delay after landing in Las Vegas, because, as the flight captain remarked, “another airplane is using our gate.”

From the vantage point of being on the Spirit Airlines aircraft, the airport was completely black. It seemed like the airport had no contingency plan for such a situation, because no emergency lights came on, and it was clear that the airport was operating in the dark. It was later confirmed by McCarran International spokesperson Michael Alanza that they had no idea why the back-up generators did not turn on and did not rule out the possibility of a terror attack.

Approximately 50 minutes after the power outage, emergency power came on and passengers were allowed to disembark.

Upon arrival at the gate, I asked a TSA agent if the entire airport had been pitch-black the entire time. Her answer was an alarming, “Yes.”

The below video shows a dramatic McCarran International Airport go from barely lit to having most of its lights turned back on.

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