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Turism&Travel : Dimitri Maex named Managing Director of OgilvyOne New York

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Y. - Dimitri Maex, celebrated by Fortune Magazine in a profile titled "Revenge of the Nerds" in 2009 for his econometric skills and business savvy, has been promoted to Managing Director of OgilvyOne New York, from Managing Director of the agency's consulting and analytics group. He will assume responsibilities for OgilvyOne New York from Harvey Kipnis, who will take on a new role as Regional Director for OgilvyOne in North America.

"The growth outlook for OgilvyOne is extraordinary. Clients are hungry for new sources of business value from data-led customer relationships increasingly fueled by new digital technologies," noted John Seifert, Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather North American. "Both Dimitri and Harvey are experts in these emerging new marketing solutions, and will expand both our capabilities and client service opportunities in New York and throughout North America."

In his new role Dimitri will expand OgilvyOne's leadership position in developing and implementing enhanced data, analytics, CRM, creative, and sales enablement solutions. He will focus on meeting clients' expectations for stronger measurement and accountability systems, especially in the social media space.

"The one-to-one marketing space is experiencing an 'arms race' of technology-driven data and analytics solutions," explained John Seifert, Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather North America. "Dimitri is both a left brain and right brain wizard, so he is perfectly cast for the new age marketing challenges of our industry. He represents the best of our next generation talent and will make a formidable leader for OgilvyOne in New York."

Author of the soon to be published "Sexy Little Numbers," by Crown, (on sale 4/13/12) Dimitri has been at the forefront of helping brands maximize the value of data to drive sales. As head of Ogilvy Consulting for the past three years, Dimitri has built an extraordinary team of over 100 specialists in data, analytics, and marketing planning -- making this group Ogilvy's fastest growing talent segments. He has also led and managed strategic partnerships with a broad range of technology companies.

"Today marketers have access to more data than ever," explained Dimitri Maex. "We know how to gather data, analyze it and mine it for insights and we will get exponentially better at all of this in the next couple of years. The biggest challenge however remains to ACT upon these insights. How does it change your creative storytelling, your media buys, your macro investment strategy, your marketing and communications plans? How does it really change the customer experience? And how do you scale all of this? These are the big questions tomorrow's successful companies will be able to crack."

Harvey Kipnis, who has led OgilvyOne in New York for the past two years, will take on a new North American leadership role for OgilvyOne. In this position, he will build on the growth of the New York office and help expand the direct marketing offering of OgilvyOne throughout North America.

"We have global clients and local clients throughout North America who can greatly benefit from the depth of OgilvyOne's expertise. Harvey has worked throughout North America with many clients through our long-hallways approach and is uniquely suited to take on a new role expanding OgilvyOne's offering throughout the region," said Mr. Seifert.

In commenting on his new position, Harvey said, "Our North America offices have just scratched the surface of emerging new channels, technologies, and date-led customer management. My goal will be to further expand our footprint and capabilities, deepen client relationships, and outgrow our competition throughout the region."

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