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Turism&Travel : Destination Marketing Organizations and Convention Visitor Bureaus capitalize with mobile services

Friday 26 March 2010

Now imagine someone marching into your office, pulling a giant plug and announcing, "There - I just cut your website traffic by 20 percent!" In fact, most companies are already doing this to themselves by not offering content optimized for the mobile web, prompting DMOs and CVBs to look at extending their state's information to the mobile web.

MobiManage provides a suite of mobile services to allow DMOs and CVBs to take advantage of the growing mobile marketplace by easily and affordably taking their marketing and web-based information mobile. MobiManage customers can also extend their mobile information to mobile applications, text messaging programs, and mobile promotion pages with mobiManage's mobile marketing programs.

"MobiManage's goal is to ensure our DMOs and DMO technology providers can easily extend their data and service offerings to the mobile web. Providing mobile access to industry partner information such as hotels, restaurants and attractions, etc., while integrating to calendars and press releases to extend the mobile impact further then our competition," explained Jeff Beasley, CEO of mobiManage.

mobiManage has launched DMOs and CVBs around the world including Park City, Boston, Kensington & Chelsea Chamber (UK), Bay Area Houston, Tulsa, and Sonoma County to name a few.

MobiManage provides fully-integrated solutions with Google Mobile Analytics and's services to offer full integrated reporting and web-to-mobile redirecting services to offer specialized marketing programs by specific devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

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