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Turism&Travel : Amtrak launches Twitter page

Friday 19 March 2010

Travelers and rail enthusiasts can now check Amtrak news and events on Twitter at @Amtrak. By monitoring and “listening” to Twitter conversations about Amtrak in turn seeks to better respond to passenger comments and service-related inquiries by monitoring and “listening” to Twitter conversations. It will also allow the company to post information on promotions, special offers and events and provide updates on service enhancements.

Amtrak also plans to ask questions and solicit feedback on a variety of issues regarding its operations, services and other activities. With the launch of its Twitter page, Amtrak is expanding its social media initiatives. A year ago, Amtrak activated its Facebook page and now has nearly 12,000 fans, growing by 52 percent in the last six months. The Amtrak page was recently revamped with more interactive and fun content that allows fans to upload train images, be listed as a “Top 25 Fan” and take a “Trainiac” quiz. As always, Amtrak fans can also view a summary of the most prevalent discussions taking place on the Wall.

“Amtrak is using social media like Twitter to reach a new audience and become more responsive to our existing customers,” said Darlene Abubakar, Amtrak's director, national advertising. “We view social media as an ideal channel to extend our message that Amtrak is a more comfortable, greener way to travel that allows passengers to be more connected with fellow travelers and the more than 500 communities we serve.” Amtrak encourages passengers and rail fans to start following @Amtrak on Twitter and if they are not already a fan, check out Amtrak on Facebook. Amtrak plans to monitor other social media channels and evaluate the need to expand their presence in this space. For more information, call 800-USA-RAIL or visit

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