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Turism&Travel : American Airlines finds long-lost Jack the Cat at JFK airport

Thursday 27 October 2011

The cat that vanished in baggage claim at New York's John F.
Kennedy International Airport and whose plight became an online sensation has been found after being missing for two months.

"American Airlines is happy to announce that Jack the Cat has been found safe and well at JFK airport," the carrier wrote in a post on the "Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK" Facebook page Tuesday evening.

"Jack was found in the customs room and was immediately taken by team members to a local veterinarian. The vet has advised that Jack is doing well at present."

The airline plans to fly the cat to California to be reunited with his owner, Karen Pascoe.

The saga started on August 25, when Pascoe was flying from New York to San Francisco with Jack and a second cat as part of a job relocation. But Jack escaped his kennel and was last seen at JFK's inbound baggage claim.

(A Department of Transportation Pet Incident Report released earlier this month explains how it happened: A clerk placed one kennel on top of another on a baggage cart and the kennel on top fell. The impact "caused the kennel to separate," allowing the cat to escape.)

When a search failed to turn up Jack after a few days, Pascoe became frustrated with American Airlines and started the Facebook page "to help us put pressure on AA to step up their efforts." She also urged fliers to "do whatever they can do to keep their animals out of cargo."

The page now has more than 16,000 followers.

In its post, the airline said the search efforts included "many employees at the airport who have remained vigilant in their search and committed to finding Jack."

While the cat was missing, workers placed food and water around the airport and set up humane traps. American even hired a pet detective and issued a pet Amber alert in hopes of locating the feline.

We "share everyone's relief that he has been found," the carrier said.

Source: CNN
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